Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cermin milik sahabat

Kawan datang dan pergi..
Ada kawan,
Tetapi di mana mereka?
Dimanakah kawan-kawan ku saatku bersedih?
Kawan ku ramai...ada kawan ketawa, ada kawan suka, ada kawan gembira...
Ada kawan yang menjadi lawan...
Di manakah kawan duka ku?
Kawan jiwaku?
Di mana dia di antara yang satu?
Apa itu maksudmu kawan?
Kalau sentiasa memburu?
Sahabat ku jauh sekali...
Mungkin saja sudah tidak wujud lagi di muka bumi ini!
Biarlah aku sendiri...
Sahabatku ada di sini.
Tersembunyi di sebalik cermin diri.
Sesekali ditemani jari-jemari yang menekan 'keyboard'....
dan ''account' sepi.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All I have....

I don't know how to begin this...It has been a very long time since I'v been posting on my lonely blog. Life has never been quite the same of course. Except that my working station have been moved to a smaller cubicle. So good girls don't seat at the corner huh?? Ahhh screww what the books said... Life is always much better when you don't rely too much on the 101s... Hmmm... what to say... well to begin with, I really have nothing much to brag about. I drink twice as much coffee as before and with that means double the toxic in my vowel. I'm still in the same office with the same people....well, actually there is this new person came in and she is like way to loud and superly self centered and I'm totally not that kind. I'm a nope I'd rather whisper and sit at the corner... typing this alone at the corner with a cup of coffee next me. That's me if I would describe myself in a self portrait. I wish I could have that sense of you know standing firmly and with my songket and strike a post with the sanggul on my head! Well hello!! What do you think of yourself Nur Marlisa Zakaria?? A Sultanah? Nope. I'm thinking more of like Tun Teja. I mean that is worth the dreaming u know? Ahh  Classic... I love Classic and vintage wear... And yeah I'm a swifter... Sparks fly...(Taylor Swift in case there's a reader) Can you hear my heartbeat?? Please don't stay so close to me.... huuh... JJAMZ... Gosh I love JJAMZ! They're just so so... high!!! Ok back to reality... woops they goes gravity!!See? Is just so hard to pin me down. I too can be cool u know... laugh all day... nothing to worry.... Chillaxx!! 


Get that ass of me now!!! I mean  to those people who like to sit and laugh at almost everything in their life! OMG they are just annoying!

OK lets be awake. So here it is my life passing by... and the most fascinating things that I could mention for now is always about the 2 Angels of Mine. They are Iris Aryan and Zehra Medina. Although sometimes they could really get to my nerve but its never that... really... watching how they greeted me at the front door every time when I reached home... and they were dancing when they see me!! Aahh I'll miss those times sooner than I can ever imagine. But It was never enough though? This happiness that I'm so use with... Nothing lass forever. Keep telling myself that. Even this blog. How irony could that be?

So today I had two meetings. One that I lead, so called... But always, there's this person I'm talking about earlier who would just love to take charge.. Taking charge of everything. Well it looks annoying to me. But who cares anyway. To me it just shows how desperate you are in taking charge. Trying so hard. No...nnahh I'm not like that. Sick and tired with this kinda of game.

All I have now is my wisdom and knowledge and my hunger for knowledge. Like JJAMZ song called It's never enough... and for that I'm willing to sacrifice everything. Insya Allah. I'm guided. That's all I know. That is all I have. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Super supreme!

Stuck in the jam... Life is at its peak isn't it? I haven't have the time to smell the view.. Not just yet. Still haven't that wings to fly freely in the sky.. First it's money. Than it's job. It's always the same topic. Again and again... It's always about you being stable. In and out. But how would you do that in this material world?!! Suddenly... you realise you talk about your days to someone and they said "everybody face the same thing..." Yea? Then I need to be the different. Make the different! I hope I'll get that different piece of mine! At least that is what I believe. I'm different. Maybe it takes time to express myself. But I really hope I'll get the Super Supreme package of mine. It comes with not just the extra cheese but there's a pink cheese on top of it! Cheerin it up!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Singing of the Saints...


Krabi Aonang, I'm never enough of the sunset ;(
But it was never enough, never enough, never
It was never enough, never enough, never
Though you hoped it'd be
So hopelessly

And I didn't know that I was wrong to try
To make you see the dying in your eyes
But you're never satisfied
And I finally realized

You were never enough, never enough, never
You were never enough, never enough, never
Though you hoped to be
So hopelessly

Monday, May 7, 2012


I finally know what I want... and I have found the reasons why we deserve to be apart...

1. Everything is on me - all the blames
2. The harshness - most of the time, then the softness just cant be bought
3. The rush - confused undecided time of him, keep on rushing me
4. The support - the support for taking care of the house, the kids, its done but its not INITIATED!!
5. The economic stability - always instability at most of the time
6. The complaints - of everything nice that I try to do ( cooking, vacation that I have planned)

I am SOBER of what I am writing

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ten Thousand Miles....

This is not me
When the limits is zero than the limits does not exist!! -Mean Girls. Cady Heron sounds very much like me back in high school. A timid girl with full of master plan. Untill today I always feel that everything that happens in my head seems like a blueprint of what I want. I may not be winning in every part of the plan, but it's just something I've expect.

I had a very wonderful moment when I'm in Sabah without even missing home except to my beloved daughter. But those moments always lead me to a the BIGGA questions in my head...Who I am? and What do I really want?? at that point of time, or just forever... But again there is nothing like forever? What you have at that point of your life could be the just the right thing for you, and then you've missed that one!

I totally agree with a word reminded by a dear friend that, everything in life happened for a reasons... and until you find that reasons, you will tend to make mistakes in searching what do you really want... and that is why you must have the faith. I believe Faith is only the limits to everything.

For me, yes everything happened for a reasons, but it doesn't stop just right there. I meant the word doesn't stop just like that for me. Everything happen for a reason, but only for those who think. Or at least thinking. Just like me... I've always been thinking. Yeah I think too much... I never stop thinking how to become better... how to improve... how to make them happy... yet, I guess I'm not that perfect angel born with the wings to fly... Faith is only what I have...


Friday, March 16, 2012

"Me, Krabi and The Sun"

I' v never been with the sun
Bamboo Island, like a large swimming pool with no ends

Massage by the beach ;)

Owh My Krabi...

Getting to Krabi...Getting back...while spending my time looking at the pictures, I find myself attached to this place more than ever! The moment I dipped my foot into the softy sands, and look over the crystal clear sea, I just knew that this is exactly where I want to be! I belong here, to witness the miracles of Gods, something so enchanted, untouched and content.

Unlike the hectic life we faced in the city, Krabi is a simple town with easy traffic, uncongested, very much of laid-back activities made especially for us, the tourist. 70% of the economy is sustained from the tourism industry. Most of the people earn incomes from, the boats, other local transports (tut-tut), food stalls, even Thai Massage, farmers, and perhaps around 30% belongs to the upper-class level, which are having their own hotels businesses, restaurants, shops etc.


Island Hope
For those who love water like me and never get out from it, you can enjoy Island Hoping which cost you about RM100 - 120 per person, depending on how you can bargain on the package. We took a package from Island paradise, and we paid 1200 Baht per person including a lunch in Phi Phi Don. The itinerary will be basically like this:-
This, the Maya Bay

9.00 Pick up at the hotel
9.30 Arrive at the pier
10.00 Hop onto the boat!
10.30 Snorkelling, Maya Bay, Viking Cave, Phi Phi (Lunch)
2.30 Bamboo Island
4.30 Arrival back

Good food is one of the most important activities when you go for holiday. There are just many and plenty of them along the Aonang centre. Thailand is known for its famous Tom Yam and other spicy food like those we ate in Malaysia. Is just that the taste is much more original and pure when you eat in Thailand itself! For Muslim I recommend you go to go to Chaba Thai Restaurant, a Muslim owned that serves the best Tom Yam with variety of other choices and western foods as well. However, you do not have to worry so much on the halal food since there are many Muslim hawkers along the street.

Sotong Celup Tepung [Deep-fried Cuttlefish, Coated with Flour]
Aonang Street

Talent One
Night Life
The long stretch of Aonang night market offers more than just anything you may look for. There are handcrafts, paintings, arches, pearls, silks, d├ęcors, apparels, swimwear and so many other kinds of souvenirs for you to bring back. The next time I go, I’ll make sure I’ll grab one of the paintings.
Missed one 

Hmm one of the things that I've missed to do is to join the activity on the inland. From what I understand, the tour includes Elephant Trekking, swimming in the Emerald hidden pool and enjoys the hot stream waterfalls...

Sweet goodbye...
Remembering all the good times that I had, I would say Krabi is a great place to visit not just for honeymooners, but it is also good place to spend your quality time with the family. You could discover so many wonderful things you could do together with your family, by exploring the beauty of the Island by itself. It is a place of relax and easy, secluded, good enough for you to experience a life of an Islander.

Utterly Bliss

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